Supercharge your 2018 with these Digital Strategy Considerations

Kick start your 2018 with a Digital Agency Retainer

Learn from 2017 and you can kick start your 2018!

Begin by looking back at your Top 10 New Clients/Customers of 2017 and try to draw some conclusions;

☞  Referral Path: The channel they used to find you… Google, Facebook, YouTube or maybe a mailshot?
Website Interaction: The Landing Page they came in on… The Products/Services they requested.
☞  Demographic: Sex, Age, Job Title, Location etc.

If there are any common themes then this should help you with your advertising strategies and enable you to attract more of your target audience.

Export your Enquiries, delve into Google Analytics, Search Console and Google My Business to discover more about your website traffic.



Does your digital strategy align with your 2018 business objectives?

If you’re not sure, take a step back and ask yourself – What do you want to achieve in 2018?

Increasing Profitability will be a high priority for most of you I’m sure! For this you’d be wise to consider the following;

⦿  Enhance Your Productivity

Empower your team! Do your Staff have access to all the resources they need?
Do they have their own website access for blogging/news and keeping their own service pages up to date with the relevant information.

Wordpress, Adwords, SEO Training Bucks

Are they developing their skills? We offer various training solutions including WordPress, Adwords, SEO.

⦿  Improve Customer Retention

A New Customer costs 5x to 10x more than retaining an Existing one. Existing customers are low-hanging fruit. I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard …Good customer service helps you retain clients and generate repeat revenue.

Enhanced Customer Retention with Digital Marketing

So are you utilising Email Marketing & Retargeting with Adwords & Social Media?
Timely Reminders or Cross-Sells & Up-Sells help you squeeze more out of your existing clients/customers.

Do you have a Customer Area on your website so people can see Invoices & Purchase History and Datasheets, Manuals, Reports etc? A reason to bookmark/come back to your website is very valuable and the longer people spend on your website the better the signals to search engines like Google.

⦿  Grow your Business

More Equipment or more Goods are great …If you have the demand!

Growing your team can be very time-consuming and is by no means cheap with recruitment fees and the cost of your time to manage them, train them and check their work.

Once you’ve got them, you’ll want to make the most of them too as it will cost you over £30K to ‘replace’ a staff member. Even if you think they are happy 1 in 5 of them will be looking for a new job anyway.

Considering the above… Why not opt for the skills and experience of a local digital agency. We’ll be in your corner with our Flagship Lead Generation & Website Management Package (SEO Superior) for Half the Price of employing an executive who could jump ship at any moment!

Business Growth with Digital Marketing

If your business is based in Buckinghamshire you could claim a contribution to a new website and branding here – £1000 Growth Grants via BBF


Does your branding and/or website make your business look up-to-date, dynamic and secure?

It might be time for a refresh or even a re-think!

Recently we’ve been involved in many projects across numerous sectors. Our Lead Generation formula continues to be a success across them all so get in touch for some impartial advice. We’re currently excelling in the following sectors to name a few;

✓  Property & the TradesConcept Corporate Interiors
  eCommerceZygology Systems
  White Labelled WordPress WebsitesPOPS Advertising
  Quirky Wellness BrandsElephant Food


Website Security is Critical

We’ve upgraded our default plan that comes free with any Big Gun website/package but security is becoming a science in itself and every extra measure takes time. 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker attacks

Wordpress Website Security Solutions

☆  Our Default Website Security and what YOU need to be doing!

☆  Secure Me: Padlock
Response Time: 48 Hrs | Fix Time: 72 Hrs | Cover: 50% | Cost: £350+Vat/Year

☆  Secure Me: Safe
Response Time: 24 Hrs | Fix Time: 48 Hrs | Cover: 75% | Cost: £780+Vat/Year

☆  Secure Me: Vault
Response Time: 1 Hr | Fix Time: 24 Hrs | Cover: 100% | Cost: £1250+Vat/Year



Are you adding New Products or Services or do you need to re-prioritise and switch focus with a mini-site?

Over the past few months a few of our best customers have broken out some of their key products/services with campaign specific mini-sites and landing pages. Its a cheap way to ‘test-the-water’ for a new product or a great way to make you seem like the expert in one thing as opposed to a ‘Jack-of-all’.

  Product – Entertainment Labels by Adcal Labels
  Services – CAM by Propertyserve UK
  Services – Life Coaching by Positive Impact Fitness



10 Must-have’s for a Successful 2018 online

1.  An SSL Certificate.

2.  A Security Solution: We recommend Secure Me SAFE or higher.

3.  A Green Page Speed Score on Google (Mobile & Desktop).

4.  A Customer Dashboard or Login Area for a more personalised experience (this applies to non eCommerce websites too).

5.  A Remarketing Strategy.

6.  A Blog and regular updates on it.

7.  A Video to explain what you do.

8.  A Bing Ads Campaign.

9.  An optimised GMB Listing.

10.  A plan to implement Schema Markup.

Let us help you create a splash in 2018 with all this and more with a lead generation and website management package from just £260+Vat/Month!