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Identify your target audience and use the appropriate Social Network

Google Plus, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter all attract and amuse certain age-groups and social standings. The good news is that you don’t even have to rent space on these social networks, they provide it to businesses for free.

So a establishing a presence on them is Free Advertising – That’s without even considering the benefit it will have on your Google rankings!

Lets get together and talk strategy…

Social link building is one of the most influential factors to your Google Rankings

Its obvious when you think about it, how is it easy for Google’s automated robots and spiders to understand how much humans Like a web page?

Understand how many ‘Likes’ it has on Facebook of course! and Plus 1’s in Google Plus and Re-tweets in Twitter and shares etc. OK so they are not the only factor that gets you to those money making top positions in Google but they sure help!

Links have been an SEO’s bread and butter for years and we’ve changed with the times… Don’t delay any longer with a social media strategy.

Auctions, Daily Budgets, Pay Per Click, Pay Per Thousand Impressions – Which is best?

The Social networks offer various forms of advertising too. The targeting capabilities of these campaigns are mind blowing! Think of all the information you can fill in on your Facebook profile i.e. Age, Sex, Interests, Location etc etc – Well you guessed it – We can serve Adverts to your choice of these demographics which can be like fishing with dynamite!

Come to us and we can advise you on the target audience you can reach, the costs involved and the kind of strategy we would recommend.

Reviews, Ratings, Testimonials and other forms of feedback

This is another box that needs ticking. Not only does it look great having 4 or 5 stars next to your company name which is proven to encourage Click Through Ratio but these signals are recognised by Google as a way to distinguish the better results from the not so trustworthy ones.

These reviews can be gained via a number of sources and aggregated by Google for an overall score. Don’t get left behind your competitors, speak to us about how you can increase you’re own star ratings.

So how much does all of this cost?

These days many companies would struggle to survive without a website but don’t go cheap and cheerful with Vista, Hibu or OneandOne. You’ll just become another figure in a sales target. Our service is BESPOKE and our results are unquestionable.

We recommend any savvy business gets started with one of our monthly SEO Marketing Packages as soon as possible. Once deployed, we can take you through the various stages above so that you either hit the ground running with your new website or you supercharge your existing website for more enquiries and sales!

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