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Websites are Valuable Business Assets



Has your website ever been hacked?

On average 30,000 website get hacked each day! –

FACT 1: No measure of website security will ever be ‘bullet-proof’ – even the big boys get hacked!

FACT 2: With Big Gun Digital, if you take the following precautions and invest in our security measures – but your website still gets hacked, we’ll have you ‘clean’ and live again within 24 hours*



Top 5 Website Security Measures

You should be maintaining this level of website security yourself as a minimum!

Maintaining PC Security
Please ensure ALL of the PC’s that you use to access and edit your website must be up to date with Antivirus and Firewall protection.

Maintaining Secure Passwords
Please maintain a secure password that is UNIQUE to your website admin area. If you are unsure how to generate a highly secure password then visit this website

Ensuring you use an up to date Browser
Please ensure all of the browsers that you use to access and edit your website should be the latest version of either Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera or Safari. Find out if you are using the latest version of your browser here

Be very careful with what you upload
We advise against using images or PDF’s on your website that have not been scanned for viruses (which should happen automatically if you have up to date internet security). It is best that you use stock photography or better still your own photos.

Beware of Browser Extensions
You must not have any Browser extensions active when making changes to your website from within the admin area as they can harbor potential malware / viruses etc.

Lets make Your website more Secure!

Meet // SECURE ME \\ by Big Gun Digital

Over the past few months we have heavily researched and carefully considered the most cost-effective Security Measures that WILL lessen the chance of a breach AND improve the chances of a ‘FULLY CLEAN’ time-efficient website restoration. These measures include the following;

  •  > Wordpress Version updates / upgrades if and when required.
  •  > WordPress Plugin updates / upgrades if need be.
  •  > Website Backups – Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
  •  > Monitoring of Google Webmasters, Google Analytics and Malware Reports.
  •  > Installation and maintenance of the Industry standard Security plug in. Features include;
  •    >> Two-Factor Authentication
  •    >> Malware Scan Scheduling
  •    >> Password Expiration
  •    >> and more

If your website does get hacked…

What are the implications?


Due to the fact that we cannot enforce the Top 5 Security Measures (mentioned above) that you are responsible for, if you have editing capabilities on your website (even if you don’t use them) and you get hacked, then you will need to pay us for the time it takes to restore your website.

With // SECURE ME \\

✔ We will carry out the activities mentioned above.
✔ Your website will be ‘FULLY CLEAN’ and LIVE again within 24 hours*.
✔ 75% of our time involved will be covered.
*If the restoration process takes longer than 24 hours, we will cover the full cost.

If you wish to pay for the year up front we can offer the discounted price of £650+Vat.




Without // SECURE ME \\

A hack could cost you anywhere between 2 and 12 hours at your BG Package rate (up to £780+Vat).
The website restoration process could take up to 72 hours from when we NOTICE the breach.

This means your clients/customers are likely to be the first to realise.


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