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Web design & internet marketing fuelled by the perfect blend of art and science

Website design & internet marketing

fuelled by the perfect blend of art and science

First Impressions are crucial

Visitors make up their minds about whether you are right for them in seconds
Make sure you get a website designed that will engage your target audience. Colours, fonts,
' spacing ' and images etc. They are all so important.

Website Design & Build

  • 1. /// A Recent Testimonial

    Big Gun Digital revamped our website in time for April this year and the whole process was a breeze. From the design, through testing, maintaining our Google ranks and going live they were on hand and we couldn't have asked for more.

    The best thing is that the new website is attracting more of our ideal target audience thanks to a much more professional appearance and it is undoubtedly responsible for a recent enquiry which led to a big contract.

    Jason Clisby
    POPs Advertising

  • 2. // Save Time and Money

    Although we can build websites from the ground upwards, we advise the implementation of an open source Content Management System.
    It means you can benefit from the input of a whole community of passionate developers and this translates into a huge cost saving.

    We use Wordpress and Opencart which have ben adopted by some of the biggest bluechip companies.

    With a CMS, the power is in your hands!

  • 3. /// Responsive Website Design

    We build all websites so that they display perfectly
    in any device. iPads, Android smartphones, Samsung
    tablets, iPhones, Windows smartphones, Dell
    desktop PC’s, ASUS tablets etc.

    This means more visitors, better user experience
    and therefore more sales and leads!

  • 4. /// Rigorous Testing and Quality Control

    Our websites spend hours under the microscope to ensure they meet our stringent standards. So whether its the Rolls Royce or the Fiat Panda that gets you from A to B Big Gun Digital are right for you.

    IE8+, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 4+, Chrome, Opera compatible - IE7 compatibility (optional)

    Any font you like

    Hand coded, no tables

    SEO semantic code

    Hi-speed Optimization Sprites (optional)

    CSS 2.1 or CSS 3

    XHTML 1.0 Transitional, Strict or HTML5

    JavaScript, jQuery etc

    Social networking integrations

    Forms prompt newsletter subscription emails

  • 5. /// How much will my website cost?

    Its tricky to put an exact figure on the cost of a website even after we have discussed it with you over a nice cuppa.
    One thing we would say though is that we see a website as an ever evolving asset.

    gn > Development > Optimisation > Design > Development > Op

    We work with you on the long term plan and facilitating that constant competitive advantage.

    So you can pay for a great website from us from as little as £999+VAT but for a serious company looking to us to provide an ongoing online marketing strategy, consider a budget of £6 - 12k per year. Remember though, we will work day and night to make sure you see a healthy return on that figure!