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A Recent Testimonial

The Big Gun team were on-point with the design of our new website. They were full of ideas (and beans!) and the level of detail was incredible.

When presenting to potential suppliers the website was the difference in securing a few deals. People love it!

Paul McHenry, Elephant Food

See the Elephant Food website that we designed and built

Stunning Graphic Design

We make sure that your website starts as a blank canvas! We don’t mindlessly churn out template designs.

The Website Design Process

Step 1. We grill you  (in the nicest possible way!) to understand what makes your business tick and how you are unique in a world of grey sheep.

Step 2. We produce 2 homepage designs in desktop, tablet and smartphone format.

Step 3. We process your feedback and re-jig the designs, this time coming back with a sub-page design flavour.

Step 4. The last round of tweaks should have you singing from the rooftops about how much you love your new website design.

Step 5. We hand it over to the Website Development team to code it up and bring it to life.

How much will my website design cost?

Its tricky to put an exact figure on the cost of a website even after we have discussed it with you over a nice cuppa. One thing we would say though is that we see a website as an ever evolving asset.

£500+Vat is where we start for a bespoke design (£750+Vat for eCommerce) but we believe your unique look will help you stand out from the crowd and be worth every penny.

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