Expert Copy Writing Services

Expert Copy Writing Services

Expert Copy Writing Services

Is your web page interesting & informative?

Search engines like Google are constantly evolving but most people use them, quite simply, to find information. For this reason, you can imagine, content (or text, or copy, or images or whatever you would like to call it) is a crucial part of your internet marketing strategy.

If your page is too light on content, then there is a good chance, it is not so much of a useful result to show. In simple terms, you will not gain top ranking positions.

Is Your Website Optimised For Your Target Keywords?

Search engines (especially Google) often update the ideal keyword density in order to refresh the results pages. If you can imagine, the ratio of keywords to non keywords can be anywhere from 0.1% upwards but there is a fine line between under optimisation and over optimisation.

Over optimisation can lead to de-indexing which can be devastating to your organic campaign for at least 4 weeks while you are investigated.

Under optimisation will mean that you are not seen to be a valid result to show and you will suffer with low ranking positions.

Let us improve your content strategy…

Here at Big Gun, we can take this challenging and time consuming part of developing a web strategy off of your hands. We use our Keyword Research to distinguish the most relevant keywords for the job and set about producing a unique and informational combination of text and images to give search engines no option but to reward you with top ranking positions!

Cost of Content Generation for Websites

We are happy to provide a specific content creation and implementation service however we recommend you invest in one of our flexible SEO Marketing Packages which will mean that we can concentrate on all aspects of branding and lead generation.

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