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Expert Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing is most effective if you send regularly and consistently

Devise a marketing plan and kick out emails to your database to encourage your existing customers to read more and visit your website. Educate and inspire them. Build meaningful relationships otherwise a year down the line, when that widget you sold them is broken, they won’t remember you… They will just hop onto Google again and find a new supplier!

Lets get together and plan the attack.

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Make sure it is easy for people to sign up for your news

Do you have a newsletter sign up form clear and obvious? Do your other contact forms automatically add enquirers to the mailing list? Are you signing people up via your social media accounts?

It should all be common practice and you should treasure your client database because when utilised effectively email marketing can lead to sales that are much easier than trying to go through new customers.

Convenience of Email Marketing

In the fast moving world of today, email marketing can be the next best thing to taking each of your clients/customers out for a coffee to catch up once a week and let’s face it, your customer retention levels would be unquestionable if you had the time and money to do so.

The Setup Process

Job 1 is collating your database. Scrape together as many email addresses as you can but don’t buy lists or copy them off the web otherwise your account will be blocked the moment you try to send your first email.

As well as Email Address, First and Last Names are a MUST but in an ideal world you’ll be able to dig out more such as the Service or Products they enquired about. If you can get Birthdays and Interests then you can really make your messages engaging.

Job 2 is preparing the mobile friendly email template. It needs to be designed with your corporate colours and branding in mind but like with most things digital, we can keep it simple or we can get funky with dazzling graphic design, link menus, basic animations and even dynamic countdowns!

Job 3 is the campaign specific content. Text, Images, Subject line etc. But don’t give it all away. Tempt people back to your mobile friendly website where there are other things that may also take their fancy. And don’t forget to add a tracking link so you can analyse in Google Analytics.

Job 4 is test and then schedule or launch. Send yourself a tester, check all the formatting and the links, maybe check a few devices… Then, if all is good, push the button!

View the Archive of Strategic Mailshots we've done with Chatterton's to promote their designer ladies clothing

Email Marketing Costs?

With prices starting at just £65 per mailshot you can clearly see how cost effective a mail out to your 10,000 strong list could be. After all, it only takes one or two of them to make an enquiry/order and the whole exercise has paid for itself.

That’s without considering the easily overlooked relationship building and brand strengthening benefits.

We use programs like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Dot Mailer and Infusionsoft to keep you compliant with anti-spam laws allowing people to unsubscribe easily if they desire. These programs charge you a fee based on the volume of your database. Think roughly;

  • £30.00 for up to 2,500 in your list
  • £50.00 for up to 5,000 in your list

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