Affiliate Marketing

What can you expect as the Merchant

If you are the merchant, chosen affiliated websites (affiliates) promote your products and your website. In return you give them an agreed
commission on the sales they generate or the volume of traffic they send.
Obviously you could agree these performance based commissions with an affiliate without using a specialist affiliate marketing company to
implement web tracking however it will no doubt become hard work (if not an impossibility) identifying what traffic came from where and the
transactions carried out as a result.

Who’s doing it?

All of the big brands have the Affiliate Marketing base covered like ASDA, O2, BHS,, PC World and many more.
If you own an ecommerce website then we can help you to push out your products and generate more sales if you are happy to offer a
commission to the resellers (affiliates).

What you can expect as the Affiliate

Alternatively, becoming the affiliate could make more sense to you and your web strategy. If you generate a large
volume of traffic with an informational website/blog then you may decide that advertising a relevant product or website on your
pages or in your posts would improve the user experience. Not only that but if people did end up clicking through and making purchases,
you would end up earning a commission too.

Is it really worth it?

Some merchants offer as much as 20% of each transaction! We can also offer stats on the average earnings per click (EPC)
which is the total commission earned divided by the total number of traffic referred. We’ve seen this as high as £7-9!
Hey why not utilise everything Affiliate Marketing has to offer by operating as a merchant and an affiliate!
For example, say you own an ecommerce website that sells mens shoes.
First look into offering a commission to websites that sell belts, socks off of their sites as a result of traffic from you.
The perhaps find mens tie or suit websites that you can advertise your mens shoes on.

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