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Adwords Qualified - Google Partner - PPC Management

Which is the best form of Paid Advertising for you?

Google, Bing, Linkedin, Facebook and even Twitter now all offer a paid advertising option. The thing is, they won’t all be right for your demographic. Come to us and we can advise you on the target audience you can reach, the costs involved and the kind of strategy we would recommend.


Keyword Research and engineering must be part of any serious internet marketing strategy

We use industry standard software along with years of experience across numerous sectors. We then manipulate our findings with spreadsheet wizardry to give you the best possible kick start.

The keywords we discover are woven into your paid advertising campaigns as well as websites and social media so that Google understands your intent and rewards you with top rankings.


Pay Per Click Advertising


Google Adwords, The most common of Paid Advertising campaigns

Google Adwords is a bid based form of advertising. You place a bid on every keyword in which you wish your advert to appear for. Then once someone clicks on your advert and a figure close to your bid is taken from a daily budget.

The exact figure, the exact Cost Per Click is also determined by a Quality Score which is given to each of your keywords. The scale is 0-10 and the higher end of the scale is gifted for a pathway of relevance from keyword through advert to landing page. In essence, the higher your Quality Score, the less you have to pay for your clicks.


We can optimise your Advertising Campaigns to produce more and more enquiries and sales

It is important to consider that without understanding these methods of Paid Advertising, your money can vanish quickly and with little or no reward!

Whether it is skilful text or artwork for new improved Adverts, budget control and bid management to retain certain positions, Campaign and Adgroup restructuring and optimisation, webpage amendments to improve Quality Score or A/B split testing etc. We will
improve your return on investment.


So how much does all of this cost?

These days many companies would struggle to survive without a website but don’t go cheap and cheerful with Vista, Hibu or OneandOne. You’ll just become another figure in a sales target. Our service is BESPOKE and our results are unquestionable.

We recommend any savvy business gets started with one of our monthly internet marketing packages as soon as possible. Once deployed, we can take you through the various stages above so that you either hit the ground running with your new website or you supercharge your existing website for more enquiries and sales!

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