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fuelled by the perfect blend of art and science

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Google chooses which website goes above another website by instantaneously evaluating them against a 200 point checklist. The more you get right the higher you end up.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • 1. /// Measuring your successes and failures is the key to ongoing improvement

    Big Gun Digital implement Google Analytics tracking as standard from day 1 so we can understand exactly what is working and what isn't.
    We track enquiries and sales as 'conversions' and attribute them back to where they came from - Were they as a result of SEO work? Were they as a result of Paid Advertising? Which paid advertising? Where they as a result of an advert on another website? or even in a magazine? - We make sure, as the person in charge, you get the information you need to quantify your return on investment.

  • 2. /// Keyword Research and engineering must be part of any serious internet marketing strategy

    We use industry standard software along with years of experience across numerous sectors. We then manipulate our findings with spreadsheet wizardry to give you the best possible kick start.

    The keywords we discover are woven in to your paid advertising campaigns as well as websites and social media so that Google understands your intent and rewards you with top rankings.

  • 3. /// Competitor Analysis makes the whole process quicker - Why reinvent the wheel?

    We can strip the keyword optimisation techniques of your closest competitors within seconds and inject the best bits into your strategy.

    It shouldn't only be a pre-website set up either, it should be ongoing. You should always be aware of ways in which your competition are improving their websites because if you're not, you could end up left in their dust.

  • 4. /// On Page and Off Page Optimisation are essential to get you higher in Google

    On Page SEO is like a hundred or so point checklist of things that make a website more attractive to the end user. These requirements include Keyword rich text on the page to give people what they are looking for! Keyword rich URL's and Meta Data to tell Google it is the right result to show and improve Click Through Ratio from Results pages, Relevant Images & Videos to improve engagement with tags to aid usability, Fast Web Page load speeds to decrease bounce rate etc.

    Off Page SEO is the art of building links to your content and web pages. This is used as a signal by Google to understand that your web page, as an offering, is being vouched for. Social Media is a huge part of Off Page SEO these days and Google uses shares and likes and follows to gauge the credibility of websites.

  • 5. /// So how much does all of this cost?

    These days many companies would struggle to survive without a website but don't go cheap and cheerful with Vista, Hibu or OneandOne. You'll just become another figure in a sales target. Our service is BESPOKE and our results are unquestionable.

    We recommend any savvy business gets started with one of our monthly internet marketing packages as soon as possible. Once deployed, we can take you through the various stages above so that you either hit the ground running with your new website or you supercharge your existing website for more enquiries and sales!

All of this from just £260 a month

Our monthly internet marketing packages include a combination of the services below that we agree are priorities. We also offer the option of a face to face meeting every month so we can discuss progress and set new targets.

   Can your business afford not to invest in its web strategy?

We Offer Social Media Marketing Through Streams such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google Plus

Our Social Media Srategies are inspirational for branding, lead generation & sales

We Provice Affiliate Marketing Management for Both Advertisers and Merchants

We help you link in with other websites for mutually beneficial strategic partnerships

We Offer Search ENgine Optimisation (SEO)

Our SEO skills will blow you away, we make businesses with new enquiries

Copywriting is Something Else We Can Provide

Let us populate your website with what Google wants & your target audience need

We are Leading Website Designers and Developers, Specialising in All Aspects Such As Photoshop, PHP, CSS3, HTML5, JaveScript, JQuery and More

Let us build you a Website thats works We inject the wow factor

Adwords Management and Configuration is also Another Service We Provide

Advertise your company on page one of Google and get instant leads or sales

We Offer a Quality Email Marketing Package for all Types of Websites

Our Email Marketing skills will help you get more from your clients