Microsoft / Bing Pay Per Click Management (PPC) Services

Yes! Bing are important as well!

Microsoft / Bing Paid Advertising SpecialistsPPC Management is a vast marketing medium and allows many different intelligent and constantly evolving ways to get in front of your target audience. We manage Google Adword campaigns, Yahoo Search Marketing campaigns, Microsoft/Bing Ad Center campaigns, Facebook campaigns and more.

Putting your text advert into another larger, highly trafficked website, advertising via mobile phones – with your choice of provider, displaying image banner adverts on other websites, popping adverts during video clips, this list is endless and will continue to grow inline with the constant introduction and evolvement of digital displays. Take for example advertising in innovative places e.g. The London Underground with projectors and screens to the side of travalators.

PPC gives you much more control over your budget with adjustments to any of your advertising almost instantly if need be. Timescheduling, Ad rotation, IP Blocking, Positional preference and Quality Score are just a few attributes to consider and ultimately optimise using Big Gun Digital.

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