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Lets make 2018 one to remember!

Tom Burton - Big Gun Digital (Adwords & Lead Gen)

Adwords & Lead Gen
Acquisition Strategist

Luke Foulkes - Big Gun Digital (SEO & Email Geek)

SEO & Email Geek
Conversion Strategist

Nick Rowe - Big Gun Digital (Designer & Developer)

Designer & Developer
Retention Strategist 


Mark Fawkes - Big Gun Digital (Video & Social Media Whizz)

Video & Social Media Whizz
Engagement Strategist 

Nevine - Big Gun Digital (Accounts)


Donna - Big Gun Digital (Business Development)

Business Development


…Also getting their hands dirty behind the scenes


In 3 words…


constant change, activity, or progress.


having, showing, or caused by strong feelings or beliefs.

& Relentless

unceasingly intense.

In many words…

For us, Digital Marketing is a way of life. It never stops evolving so we never stop learning. ​Creativity is a strong passion of ours and we take great satisfaction from producing websites and digital marketing strategies that become instrumental in the success of businesses.​

What makes us different?

  • We are Google Partners. This means we have passed exams related to digital advertising.
  • We take care of everything ‘In House’. This means a faster turnaround plus you talk direct to the person.
  • With any of our SEO Packages, you get an hour long strategy meeting included every month worth upto £1560/year!
  • We’ve delivered the goods many times before and have the happy clients and feedback to prove it.
  • We design and build from scratch. We don’t just manipulate templates. This means we can develop the site cost effectively.
  • ​We deliver responsive/adaptive websites as standard.
  • ​We optimise Page Load Speed with CSS and image sprites where possible.
  • We produce websites that display perfectly in Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome – latest version, Firefox – latest version and Safari – latest version. We can also offer compatibility with earlier versions of Internet Explorer at an extra cost.

BorG - Big Gun Digital (Quality Control & Automation)

Quality Control, Systems & Automation


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